Gunner-chan's my name finding husbands is my game.Torahiko's my bae. Oh yeah I'm probably dating your beastman husband sorry


when you and your friends dont study for finals and you have a testimage

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare

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I got the klk english dub yesterday and omg its great

daze IA

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"Truly, they are pigs in human clothing!"

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I just dont want you guys to forget me if i change omo

okay so im kinda wanting to change up my blog and junk. would it be better to change my URL or my picture, or both?


if someone from the internet wants to meet me cool alright im down but i just hope they’re not expecting much cause im even uglier in person

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operator: 911, please hold.

me: stop murdering me for a sec; we're on hold.

murderer: ok